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shopvacThe Shop-Vac 2850010 2.0-Peak HP Two-Stage Back Pack Vacuum is ideal for tackling large areas with the minimum of effort. As you wear the vacuum cleaner, and don’t have to drag it around with you, there is less effort required in cleaning, and cleaning large area becomes easy and fast. All this makes the Shop-Vac 2850010 a very efficient vacuum cleaner too. You can spend all your vacuuming time concentrating on where to clean next, instead of wondering why the unit has snagged on something once again, as is usually the case with a more conventional vacuum cleaner.

Fully Adjustable Back Pack Harness System

No two people are the same size and bulk, which is why it is vitally important that the back pack harness system of the Shop-Vac 2850010 is fully adjustable to fit any human body it may encounter. The whole idea here is to be able to vacuum in complete comfort without causing any long term damage to the body, and the Shop-Vac 2850010 designers have certainly taken that into account. In practice you would hardly know it was strapped to your back, which makes vacuuming in hard to get at corners so much easier than with a more conventional vacuum unit.

A Long-Life 2.0 HP Electric Motor

The Shop-Vac 2850010 2.0-Peak HP Two-Stage Back Pack Vacuum features a very powerful 2.0 horse power long life electrically driven motor. This makes it capable of sucking up just about anything it comes across, which also means you need to be careful where you aim it. This degree of industrial strength also mean you won’t have to rub the suction head over a stubborn area in the vain hope that everything might get picked up. The Shop-Vac 2850010 will remove all dust and debris it encounters first time, every time.

Features and Specifications

One of the strengths of this model is a number of additional features that it comes with, which will help you use this vacuum in almost any cleaning situation. Here are some of the top features and unit specifications:

* The Shop-Vac 2850010 back pack vacuum is ideal for cleaning large areas, meaning it can be used both for home and professional applications.

* Despite its powerful motor, the Shop-Vac also has a very compact size which allows it to be stored in a small space.

* The Shop-Vac 2850010 comes with an industrial grade two-stage and 2 HP electric motor.

* It comes with a five foot and 1 1/2 main hose plus a 50-foot extension cord.

* The unit comes with aluminum extension wands, a dual surface selector nozzle, a special crevice tool, a 6-inch nozzle, a round brush and an adapter.

* The Shop-Vac has an Amazon shipping weight of only 22.9 pounds, but it can currently only be shipped to postal addresses within the USA and to APO/FPO addresses

* It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 8 customer reviews on Amazon for the Shop-Vac 2850010 at the time of writing, and they have scored it at 4.1 out of 5 stars on average.

One customer said, “…the hard plastic back hurts my spine…” However, this is not a common complaint. In fact, another purchased raved that “This vacuum is light and comfortable.”

Other customers also state that that “It is worth every penny,” “Goodbye to dust cloths, brooms, dustpans,” and “I love it!”

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Although this model is a bit pricey, we would recommend the Shop-Vac 2850010 to those who are looking for a full featured backpack vacuum with a strong track record in customer reviews.  This model comes with loads of additional attachments and accessories and it can be purchased at a substantial discount from

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