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oreckThe Oreck PRO6A XL ProTM 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum comes from a long line of excellent vacuum cleaners, as Oreck was among the very first manufacturers in the market. This model is extremely lightweight, a fact appreciated by anyone carrying it around on their back. It features the latest in ergonomic design to add significantly to your comfort as you go about cleaning.

This Oreck backpack vacuum cleaner lets you concentrate on the job in hand, instead of spending time extricating a wayward vacuum cleaner unit from where it has managed to get stuck, which is what usually happens with more traditional models that need to be dragged everywhere. This also means that getting dust and debris from very hard to get at corners and crevices becomes a much easier task when you don’t have to think about where the vacuum unit is. It stays on your back throughout the entire process and lets you get on with the important job of getting the area clean.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the Oreck XL ProtTM backpack vacuum cleaner:

Lightweight and Unobtrusive

The Oreck PRO6A XL has been designed to be very lightweight and as unobtrusive as possible. This makes carrying it on your back so much easier to the point where it almost feels natural. Its ergonomic design adds a higher degree of comfort than usual, and it also ensures that no undue pressure is made to bear on any part of your body. In short, the Oreck PRO6A XL is very easy and very safe to use, and it’s a very good vacuum cleaner as well.

A 50-Foot Cord That Gives Added Mobility

With the Oreck PRO6A XL ProTM 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum strapped on to your back you are instantly mobile and able to think about cleaning without wondering where the vacuum unit is. That in itself is excellent, but the Oreck PRO6A XL also gives you a 50-foot cord for even greater mobility, letting you clean very large areas without having to think about switching to another, closer power outlet all the time.

Additional Features and Specifications

* The Oreck ProTM has a 50 foot cord for increased mobility.
* It features an extremely lightweight ergonomic design.
* The unit only weighs 10 pounds when strapped on your back.
* It has an Amazon shipping weight of 22 pounds.
* Interchangeable attachments can easily be stored on the waist belt.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are only two customer reviews on Amazon for the Oreck PRO6A XL at the time of writing. However, both reviewers have both scored this model a perfect 5.0 points of a possible 5.

One customer said, “It doesn’t have a horsetail brush for wood floors as to not scratch them,” but added, “Looking for one of those right now!” This may be an accessory that Oreck might wish to consider adding, but this customer is not unduly put off by not having it. This customer also said, “I love this vacuum. I am a cleaning lady and I can’t wait to use it on Monday at my first client’s house!” The other customer praised “The portability & 50 ft. power cord [which] makes daily cleaning fast & efficient.”

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We are proud to recommend the Oreck PRO6A XL as one of our top selections. Although not as well known as some other models and a bit more expensive than some of the other backpack vacuum cleaners available, those who have used it have given it the highest ratings (5 out of 5 stars).

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