Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum

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sanitaireThe Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is an especially quiet vacuum cleaner in operation. It is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and use. Its ergonomic design adds to its comfort when worn by the user. It has a four-stage filtration system and a large one and a half gallon dirt and debris storage capacity.

Whisper-Quiet in Operation for Peace of Mind and Ears

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is one of the quietest back pack vacuum cleaners you can find. It offers whisper-quiet operation at just 71 decibels. This means that you won’t have a whining, ear-piercing machine attached to your back while you clean the house. You will hardly notice it is there. This also means that the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 will not cause any damage to your hearing through prolonged use, and while you may wish to through personal choice, you will not need to wear ear protectors while using the vacuum cleaner.

An Attachment for Every Purpose

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is not short on attachments. It has one for just about every conceivable need and purpose. It has telescopic chrome steel wands to extend its reach, or shorten it, it has a floor tool and a wall brush, a crevice tool, and upholstery tool and a dusting brush, all of which can attach to its 5-foot crush-proof main hose. When you couple its wide spread of usable attachments with its portability and mobility, it means you can clean much more easily and much more efficiently than with a more traditional unit.

Covering large areas of flooring becomes easy with the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412, switching attachments as needed to suit differing surface requirements, including hardware floors. To top it off, it is quite reasonably priced as well for a professional grade backpack vacuum.

Features and Specifications

The Electrolux Sanitaire comes with most all of the features you would want in an industrial grade backpack vacuum. Here are some of the most important features and specifications for this backpack vacuum cleaner:

* It has a 60 inch cord.

* It comes with extension wand, crevice tool and a 12 inch combo floor and carpe tool.

* It also comes with a hard floor flush and a dusting brush.

* The unit measures 26.7 inches by 15.9 inches by 11.5 inches and weighs only 11.5 pounds!

* It has an Amazon shipping weight of 25 pounds.

* It has a motor noise rating of 71dB in operation, and a power rating of 1400 watts.

* The tank capacity is 1.5 gallons.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 5 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing for the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum. One owner noted that “Although you must carry the weight of the machine, the design is actually much better for someone (like me) with back problems because it is easier to maintain a proper body position.” Also the unit has been praised for its quietness, with one customer writing “even carried so close to the ears, this machine is quieter than any other I have used.

However, one customer complained the units was a bit bulky, writing, “The only thing I don’t love about this vacuum are the attachments which are too long so even though they are light they are a bit unruly.” However, it is important to bear in mind that the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 is industrial strength, and its attachments are made to last and be used for a variety of industrial purposes.

Other customers also praised the machine, writing: “It’s great – fast and effective,” and, “I cannot recommend this enough.”

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The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum is a quality unit that most users love using. It may be a bit more heavy duty than needed for most home applications, but for those looking for a multipurpose, powerful yet also quiet unit, this is a excellent choice.

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